Astrology which deals with the aspects and effects of planetary motion of different planets in Individuals and how it can affect our daily lives.

Aspects show opportunities and conditions, either favorable or unfavoralble, which arise in
life. Good aspects bring favorable opportunities or situations; whilst bad / hard
aspects create difficult situations. They somehow do obstruct progress or success in
life of a certain individual.

The Indian Vedic Astrology is the most reliable and accurate form of Astrology. It is completely based on Science and Maths. The Western Astrology can be termed as an inaccurate as it’s predictions are unreliable.

The Western Astrology which is gives predictions on Zodiac is not accurate, You can relate to my words if you go through the complete text which is quiet long.

The Western Astrology OR the so called predictions made on the name of Zodiac(Rashis) in the Daily Newspapers/Magazines/TV Channels are not completely accurate.

To justify it let us take example,