Marriage Astrology Predictions

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Marriage Horoscope

Marriage is a union of two people more importantly two souls who come together to share their joys and sorrows for the whole life. But due to various circumstances It has been seen that these couples often have to deal with fights, miscommunication, misunderstanding and even a heart breaking separation.It is believed this happens due to the positions of planets in one’s Kundli, hence altering life events. Consulting an Expert Astrologer who is famous for his marriage guidance and has best astrological can be helpful in avoiding the circumstances leading to the baneful happenings by matching the horoscopes for mental compatibility, analyzing planetary drawbacks in the horoscopes of intended matches and checking the couple’s respective Dashas (Major planetary period) in accordance with their Birth Chart and Rectifying the possible causes for possible battle of domination .


  • Opens your eyes to an expanded view of you and your beloved in the world
  • Assists you in recognizing your strengths and talents for leading a prosperous life.
  • Provides you with the deepest psychological challenges causing troubles in your life
  • Illuminates patterns of life development
  • Serves your deepest life purpose and direction with your beloved
  • Exposes the pattern beneath a particular experience or a good or bad phase in  your life
  • Forewarns you of periods of crisis and opportunity
  • Deepens our connection to the Universe
  • Enables you to see & accept yourself as a multifaceted person, with meaning and purpose to your life
  • Allows clarity of essence beneath the stories, dramas, and tribulations of your life
  • Allows you to see your potential, your inclinations, your possibilities, your struggles, and your journey
  • Allowing yourself to be seen by the astrologer is an act of courage and a great act of healing